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Year Ender 2021: how many variants of Corona have created a…

Year Ender 2021 how many variants of Corona have created a...

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Corona virus has affected all the countries of the world. The whole world suffered its brunt and adopted the path of lockdown to control the infection. But, even then, different variants of Corona caused a lot of devastation. Millions of people were engulfed and hundreds of deaths occurred. Its outbreak continues even today.

Every year, different variants of corona were identified in different countries and then it spread all over the world. Today we will tell you how many variants came from the beginning till now and affected most of the countries.

What does variant mean?

  • Not every virus changes form. But, Corona is adept at changing its form.
  • Change of form means, when the virus enters from one person to another, it mostly changes its form or nature.
  • For example, corona enters the body of the first person with symptoms of cold and cold. But, in the second one comes with symptoms of fever and weakness.
  • It is not necessary that if the virus goes from one to the other, it should be in a strong form. It can also weaken after moving to another.
  • The changing nature and form of the virus has been named as the variant.

In how many categories are the variants placed?

  • Corona virus is divided into two categories.
  • First – Variant of interest.
  • Second- Variant of Concern.

Understand Variant of Interest (VOI)
You may be surprised to hear that the corona virus has changed its form more than 24 thousand times in the world so far. The good thing is that most of the time its effect was not serious and at times it was inactive. But, when the mutation of the virus changes rapidly and the structure and nature also change. So, it’s a different variant. In the initial phase, any variant is kept in the category of variant of interest. Then there is scientific research and data is collected and it is ascertained whether the variant is dangerous or not.

Understand Variant of Concern (VOC)
According to WHO, variant of concern occurs when a virus spreads very rapidly. The figures of deaths keep on increasing suddenly. Reduce the effect of the vaccine. Medical treatment did not work. Then it is considered as a variant of concern. Which is very important to stop.

Variants with Variants of Interest

Kappa Variants

  • After the Delta Plus variant, the Kappa variant knocked and created an atmosphere of fear.
  • But, it was considered a variant of interest.

lambda variant

  • This variant is believed to have originated in Peru, South America.
  • Some cases were reported in the UK and the UK. But, its horrific form was not seen.

Ita Variants

  • In December 2020, it had spread its feet in many countries.
  • But, in March 2021, it was included in the variant of interest category.

Iota Variants

  • November 2020 iota appeared in the US.
  • WHO included it in the variant of interest category on March 2021.

Variants with Variants of Concern

alpha variant

  • The Alpha variant was first identified in southern England in September 2020.
  • In December 2020, it was included in the category of variants of concern.
  • Scientists named it B.
  • After rapid vaccination, this variant came under control.

beta variant

  • The beta variant was also first detected in South Africa in May 2020.
  • In December 2020, it was placed in the category of variants of concern.
  • Scientists named it (B.1.351), (B.1.351.2), (B.1.351.3).

gamma variant

  • The Gamma variant was first identified in Brazil in 2020.
  • In January 2021, it was placed in the category of Variant of Concern.

Delta Variants

  • The Delta variant was first found in India in December 2020.
  • It was placed in the category of variants of concern.
  • Scientists named it B.1.617.2
  • Apart from India, many countries including Britain, America, Russia, Brazil and Singapore were affected by this.

Delta Plus Variants

  • The delta plus variant was composed of mutations in delta (B.1.617.2).
  • Let us tell you that this variant is 35-60 percent more dangerous than the Alpha.

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