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will organize a conference with an aim to develop ideology, …


Digital Desk, Seoul. North Korea will hold a conference on the country’s Three Revolutions Movement with the aim of developing its ideology, technology and culture. According to Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), participants of the 5th Conference of the Pioneers of the Three Revolutions who set practical examples in carrying out the revolution will arrive in Pyongyang.

The Three Revolutions Movement is a mass movement created under Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of the late founder and current leader of the North, Kim Jong-un, whose ideology, technology and culture fields are and was founded to continue the revolution in The Socialist System. This year’s conference will be the second of its kind to be held under the current leader, after the fourth in November 2015.

The last sessions were held in 1986, 1995 and 2006. The KCNA report did not elaborate on the date of the incident or other details. But it is expected to touch on the outcome of the first year of the country’s five-year economic development plan as it comes at a time when efforts are on a rampage.

At the country’s Eighth Party Congress in January, North Korean leader Kim acknowledged a failure in his previous development plan and unveiled a new plan focusing on self-reliance amid a protracted border closure due to the coronavirus and global sanctions. It is unclear whether Kim will attend the event in person. During the 2015 conference, Kim sent a letter to the participants, calling for efforts to build a prosperous socialist country.



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