These are most popular New Year resolutions: What is yours?

Let's take a look at the five most common resolutions that people take up every year.

Save more money:

Every year, the most common resolution is that we will start saving more money and start investing for a better future. Where some are able to achieve it, some are not.

Quit Smoking and Drinking:

Another popular and common resolution people take up is to quit smoking and drinking.

Learning new skill or Hobby:

Learning a new skill is always on our mind and is always in the list of our new year resolution. Hobby need not be big but doing small things like planting or finishing your favourite book can be the one.


Planning your day, writing things to do, organising your commitments, keeping your wardrobe organised are all part of our New Year resolution every year. Targeting to achieve a promotion at work or organising your time to be punctual too are the most common New Year resolutions.


Take a look at anyone new year's resolution list, the first thing will be either exercise, lose weight or stay healthy. Resolutions are always misinterpreted as achieving something big. However, it is not so. Seeing today's lifestyle where work life balance has gone for a toss, it sometimes becomes hard to achieve.