Julia Fox showed up at a Pavilions grocery store in Los Angeles wearing underwear, bra, and boy shorts—paired with an oversized denim jacket

and denim heeled boots. She holds a denim tote bag, a pair of upside-down jeans, and rectangular black sunglasses.

She left the shop with a collection of paper bags of groceries and just so much bottled water—a ton of Aquafina in the front and a ton of Smartwater.

The personality posed dutifully for the paparazzi, resulting in photos that can only be described as an absolute work of art.

Julia Fox is a podcaster and actress whose most famous role was in Uncut Gems, and who rose to greater prominence when she briefly dated Kanye "Ye" West earlier this year.

I scoured Twitter for people's opinions. I was pleasantly surprised to find that few users were being horrible about Fox's choice of outfit.

Twitter users made some very funny jokes about the outfit: "Just a remarkably irresponsible thing to do. I mean, who needs that much-bottled water? Just drink from the tap."

"The outfit I can forgive, but Aquafina?", "Oh sure, when Julia Fox goes grocery shopping in her underwear, she's a fashion icon. But when I do it, I'm 'no longer welcome in Whole Foods'"