Exercises people suffering

High blood pressure or hypertension is a lifestyle disorder that can put you at risk of severe illnesses if left without diagnosis or treatment for a long time.



Daily exercising has many health benefits, even for those suffering from hypertension. Performing simple exercises like jogging, yoga can help to reduce the stress level.


​Weight lifting

For hypertension patients lifting weight can help to manage the blood pressure level & reduce the risk of severe illnesses, only if performed in limitation.



Sprniting is also a high impact and extreme activity that can spike your blood pressure level instantly.


​Scuba diving

Having high bp puts you at increased risk of a spike in the level while diving. It can increase the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke both of which could be fatal underwater.



High bp can interfere with pre-flight anxiety and oxygen changes during skydiving. It is an extreme sport & can lead to a sudden spike in the bp level.



Performing such exercises while having hypertension can quickly spike your blood pressure level and put you at risk of a heart attack.


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