When food does not get digested well, it can cause a host of problems including feeling bloated and nausea. Digestive health is important, Here are Five steps to improve digestion 

Chewing your food 20 times:

It helps to break the food down, as well as stimulate salivary enzymes which can aid digestion. 


Drink water:

It is important to drink approximately 2-3 litres of water every day. It can give your digestive system the boost it needs.



Regular, moderate exercise like walking can help get your bowels moving by moving food smoothly through the digestive system,


Eat fibre-rich food:

Fibre absorbs water in your digestive system, giving bulk and softness to the stool. But make sure you consume a lot of water, too. 


Listen to your body:

Do not postpone trips to the bathroom, otherwise the stool can stay in the colon for long causing it to become dry and difficult to pass. 


Our digestive system does more than simply digest food. It improves resistance to infection, enhances nutrient absorption and prevents the formation of kidney and gall stones. 

So start by making the right food choices and lifestyle modifications, and your digestive system will help you stay in the pink of health,” the expert said.