#1. Mooli Parantha

The quintessential comfort food! Finely shredded radishes are mix with a range of spices and ingredients and stuffed in parathas to arrive at this lip-smacking dish.

#2. Chilli Gobhi

The humble cauliflower assumes a tantalizing avatar and turns into this desi starter.

#3.Methi Ka Thepla

Seasonal cooking just got more exciting. Add Methi ka Thepla to your winter diet, begin by giving this recipe a try.

#4. Spinach And Ricotta Ravioli

For the lovers of Italian food, there is no better way to give spinach a delectable makeover!

#5. Beet And Arbi Falafel

Beetroots get a Lebanese makeover which is also healthy. A healthy snack for the ones who are into fitness and healthy eating.

#6. Jowar Taco

Seasonal cooking just got more exciting. Add jowar to your winter diet; begin by giving this snazzy recipe a try.

#7. Palak Paneer

The quintessential winter favourite, nail the art of cooking palak paneer to perfection in few simple steps.

This Kashmiri gem brings together ivy-white radishes and chunky chicken pieces! A must try for all meat lovers.

#8. Mooli Wala Meat

#9. Crispy Palak

A delicacy perfectly crispy, you won't stop munching on crispy fried spinach leaves.

#10. Beetroot Kebab

This recipe is for the ones who are into fitness and workout. We all know that beetroot is packed with many health benefiting properties.