Amber Heard net worth - Biography, Property And Many More

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According to a Report, famous Hollywood actress Amber Heard earned $10 million from 2013 to 2019.

She revealed in her testimony that she later signed a four-film deal with Warner Bros.

She received $450,000 for her first film, $1 million for Aquaman, $2 million for the sequel, and $1.65 million for Stand (2020).

She also revealed in her testimony that she bought a house in the Mojave Desert in 2019 for $795,000.

According to a report, Amber Heard revealed that she owns a 1968 Mustang and a 1967 Mercedes 250SL; She also owns Range Rover Sport and Tesla Model S.

According to a report, the net worth of Amber Heard is more than $8 million. After losing a defamation lawsuit, Amber Heard will pay Johnny Depp $10.38 million.

Johnny Depp awarded $15m in damages as he wins defamation suit

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