Protein is very important for the repair of body cells and for making new cells. Lack of protein can cause hair loss, inflammation in the body, fatty liver and weakening of bones.

If you include some things in breakfast in the morning, then you will get double dose of protein from them. This will give energy to the body and it will also be helpful in controlling weight.

If you skip breakfast, then do not do so at all and include these things in the diet.

5 things are a double dose of protein, must be included in breakfast

#1 Sprout Salad

Consuming sprouted salad will also be beneficial for you. It is rich in fiber and protein. This is a better option to lose weight.

#2 Porridge

Oatmeal is the best source of dietary fiber and protein. By consuming it, the body gets energy and eating it will be beneficial for weight loss as well.

#3 Chila

Eat gram flour, moong dal, semolina or oats. Protein deficiency will be removed by its consumption. In addition, it is also a good source of fiber.

Including eggs in breakfast provides plenty of protein. Including it in the daily diet will benefit you in many ways.

#4 Egg

Poha is a good source of carbs, protein, fiber and fat. By including it in breakfast, you will get plenty of nutrients and it will also be helpful in weight loss.

#5 Poha