Watch What You Eat

The foods you eat impact your body in many ways. A healthy diet helps keep the body functioning at its best and can improve your mood. 


Seek Alternative Compensation

Focusing too much on money tends to raise stress levels and lower happiness. Seeking raises at work can actually make you less content.  


Spend Time with Friend

Strengthening relationships with good friends is a great way to relax and improve your mood. Go fishing, hiking, out for a bite to eat or to a movie with a friend.  


Workout Regularly

Exercise is great for your body and mind. Staying active can help you maintain a healthy body weight, strengthen heart health and build muscle tone, among other benefits.  


Set Your Sleep Cycle

A good night’s sleep is important to help you feel and function at your best. Help maintain a healthy sleep cycle by exposing yourself to bright light early in the morning. 


Exercise Your Ear

Try using music to fine-tune your ears. Turn down the volume to a level that allows you to carry on a normal conversation, then practice focusing on a single instrument. 


Savor the Little Thing

Building short-term positive emotions can change your outlook and lead to greater happiness.


Take a Walk

Getting outside is a great mood booster. Restore and refresh your mind by taking a walk in nature; it’s great for your mental state and your body. 


Practice Mindful Breathing

Learning and practicing techniques for mindful breathing help reduce negative thoughts and promote relaxation. Try building up to 10 minutes of mindful breathing each day. 


Compliment Your Spouse

A healthy marriage can help to increase happiness levels and can actually be good for your health because it may lower your chance of getting sick or suffering from depression.