Banana and almond Porridge

Bananas contain simple & easily digestible carbs, & it is an ideal pre workout snack to kick-start the drill. Oats checks the cravings & helps release the energy slowly.


Banana & Honey Smoothie

If you are into exercising, it is best to have a banana. It manages to infuse the required amount of energy and also works as an electrolyte.


Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice has secured a firm place as the ultimate workout drink. Try this recipe loaded with goodness of beetroot, ginger and lime and roar your way to fitness. 


Baked Eggs with Beans 

There is a reason why eggs are considered the most ideal breakfast. Loaded in proteins, eggs are all you need for fueling up. Enjoy them with beans.


Apple and Walnut Salad

Nuts and seeds are great sources of energy and make for perfect heart healthy snacks. Team some energy rich walnuts with apples, and munch on the goodness.


Soy, Custard Apple and Peach Milkshake 

Load up on the Soy protein, of this amazing milkshake loaded with goodness of custard apple, peach and mint.


Moong Dal Chila 

Packed with proteins & low in calories, chila is one of India's favourite traditional breakfast. Spruce it up with the exciting toppings of tofu, dig in the world of health.


Quinoa Pancakes

Quinoa is another recommended post work out snack option for its high protein content. Try these easy to make pancakes topped with fresh fruits, and calm your roaring hunger pangs.


Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

Chicken breasts teamed with goodness of greens, asparagus and sesame seeds, it doesn't get more healthy and yummy than that. 


Avocado Lassi

Avocados make for a great post workout treat as they provide Vitamin B, which aids in metabolising all healthy carbohydrates and proteins.


Mango Lassi Recipe - Simple mango lassi is made with fresh yogurt or Curd, sweet mangoes, and a touch of cardamom.

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