You'll Torch More Body Fat

Lifting weights can increase your lean body mass, which increases the number of overall calories you burn during the day.


And You'll Especially Lose Belly Fat

Burning more belly fat may also contribute to general weight loss from lifting weights. And the benefits of lifting weights don't stop there.


Your Muscles Will Look More Defined

If women want more definition, they should lift heavier since they cannot get bigger muscles because of low testosterone levels


You'll Burn More Calories Than Cardio

A study published, that women who lifted weights burned an average of 100 more total calories during the 24 hours after their training session ended.


You'll Strengthen Your Bone

Weight lifting doesn't only train your muscles; it trains your bones. When you perform a curl, for example, your muscles tug on your arm's bones. 


You'll Get Stronger, Obv

Lifting lighter weights for more reps is great for building muscle endurance, but if you want to increase your strength, increasing your weight load is key. 


You'll Prevent Injury

Strengthening the muscles surrounding and supporting your joints can help prevent injuries by helping you maintain good form, as well as strengthening joint integrity. 


You'll Be a Better Runner

This might be a surprising benefit of lifting weights for some long-time runners, but it's one that shouldn't be ignored. Stronger muscles mean better performance — period.  


You'll Increase Your Flexibility

If you can't complete the full motion — going all the way up and all the way down — with a given weight, you may need to use a lighter dumbbell and work up to it. 


You'll Boost Heart Health

Cardiovascular exercise isn't the only exercise that's, well, cardiovascular. In fact, strength training can up your heart health, too.