Lentil soup

Lentils provide filling protein and carbs while the veggies contribute additional fiber. Lentils are a good source of iron.


Veggie wrap

This veggie wraps recipe uses whole wheat tortillas, hummus, carrots, cucumbers, and other veggies. The edamame and hummus provide protein.


Cauliflower rice bowl

Cauliflower rice is one way to cut back on your carb intake at lunchtime, but cauliflower not only lowers the carb content of the meal but also provide vitamin C. 


Tuna egg salad stuffed pepper

Tuna & eggs are two affordable high protein foods that will keep you full long after lunch. Eating eggs may help reduce hunger & the number of calories.


Zucchini noodle stir-fry with chicken

Zucchini noodles resemble regular noodles but are lower in carbs. The zucchini packs fiber and micronutrients, while the chicken contributes protein to this dish.


Low carb eggplant pizza

Eating more non-starchy vegetables like eggplant, often helps people lose weight. Eggplant is low in calories but high in fiber. 


Mediterranean Cobb salad

Mediterranean-Cobb salad is heavy on the veggies and uses a homemade yogurt dressing instead of mayo-based dressing or store-bought ranch.


Lemon chicken quinoa salad

Salads made with a base of whole grains make healthy lunches that are easy to pack up for work.


Black bean soup

Black beans are a high fiber, high protein food. Eating them can help people with diabetes who are trying to lose weight. 


Egg roll in a bowl

Eggs roll bowls can be made with filling, lean protein like chicken. They’re also usually loaded with cabbage, a rich source of vitamin K.