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Warning from NASA, dangerous asteroid is moving towards the …


Digital Desk, Washington. The US space agency NASA has warned of the passing of an asteroid whose size is bigger than the Eiffel Tower in France, which is the tallest building in the world. Let us tell you that NASA has placed this asteroid in the category of potentially dangerous asteroid. This asteroid is classified as a potentially dangerous asteroid. If this asteroid hits the earth, the result can be dire, but it is a matter of relief that it will pass far away from our earth. Let us tell you that after passing through the earth, the asteroid will not return here for at least 10 years.

The name of the asteroid is 4660 Nereus.

Significantly, according to scientists, the name of this asteroid is 4660 Nereus. Its size has grown almost three times that of a football pitch. According to NASA’s estimates, it will pass very close to the Earth by December 11. The distance of this asteroid is 3.9 million kilometers i.e. 10 times the distance between Earth and Moon. The asteroid is 330 meters long. It has also been told by quoting a report that 90 percent of the asteroids present in space are smaller than this.

Nereus is the only asteroid member of the Apollo group.

Let us inform that it has been told in the report that Nereus is the only member of the Apollo group discovered in the year 1982. It will also pass near the Earth through the orbit of the Sun, as the earlier asteroids have been doing. At present, the good thing is that till December 11, this asteroid passing very close to the earth will not pose any threat to the earth.

What is an Asteroid?

Let us tell you that an asteroid is considered to be a broken piece of a planet or star. These are pieces of stone or metal, which can range from a small stone to a mile large rock and sometimes the size of Everest. In the sky, sometimes moving from one side to the other with great speed or falling on the earth, the objects which are seen are called meteors and in common colloquial ‘broken stars’ or ‘Luka’. It is believed that there are about two million asteroids moving in our solar system.


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