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The world of humanity sitting on the mine is coming to an en…

The world of humanity sitting on the mine is coming to an en...

Digital Desk, Kabul. The wounds of Afghanistan, which became the den of war for decades, are yet to heal. The Soviet army and the US threw bombs on Afghanistan that emerged as terrorism. Those who are still lying in Afghanistan, on coming in contact with them, many people are facing accidents.

Afghanistan, sitting on a heap of landmines, is becoming a kind of era for innocent children. A large number of unexploded bombs are scattered here and there. Gunpowder is snatching away not only the innocence of children but also their green lives. Regarding their dominance in the world, from many terrorist organizations to big ruling countries, are engaged in showcasing their power and becoming a superpower. Fear and worry in the world of gunpowder, whether there is a blast anywhere in the world, a person of any religion, country is injured or killed or injured, but if he dies first, then humanity and humanity should tell that ICRC is helping such people who need gunpowder. He had to lose his leg after being hit by the tunnels.

According to this report named Landmines Monitor 2021, the number of people injured due to landmines has increased by 20 percent during the year 2020. This has been attributed to an increase in armed conflicts and landmines lying in many lands. According to the report, during the year 2020, a total of more than seven thousand people died in 54 countries and other areas. These include Afghanistan, there are also children who are still learning to walk. A video of which is being shared a lot on social media.

ICRC has released a video which is of an innocent child who lost his leg in a bomb blast. This video is being told from Afghanistan. In the video, the right leg of an innocent child got blown up in a bomb blast after being hit by landmines. Now he is trying to walk with the help of a prosthetic leg. The child is sometimes able to walk with the help of a doctor and sometimes a walker. The child looks very sad in the video. The joy of walking on the first step is missing from his innocent face.

Seeing the video of the innocent child, tears are coming from the eyes of the people and at the same time they are saluting the spirit of the child. At the same time, they are cursing the war fiercely and are appealing to the world to stop the war.

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