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Digital Desk, New Delhi. The issue of regularization of thousands of ad-hoc teachers working in various colleges of Delhi University was placed before the Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Thursday. Along with this, the big topic of exemption from the requirement of PhD for promotion to the post of Associate Professor and Professor has also been brought before the Education Minister. National Democratic Teachers Front of Delhi University President and eminent Professor Dr. AK Bhagi, General Secretary Dr. VS Negi and Dr. Bijendra Kumar met Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Thursday on this subject. During this, he placed before the Union Minister the issue of regularization and adjustment of thousands of ad-hoc teachers working in Delhi University and its colleges.

A detailed memorandum on this subject was submitted to the Education Minister. In this, the regularization of ad-hoc teachers working by following the roster, the report of the discrepancy committee for the minimum qualification for teacher appointment in the UGC regulation 2018, the requirement of PhD for promotion to the post of associate professor and professor and exemption from other conditions at the college level. subject is. It is worth noting that the Union Education Ministry has announced the relaxation of PhD in the appointment of Assistant Professor for some time.

Professor Dr A K Bhagi informed that the Education Minister has assured positive cooperation on the issues raised by the National Democratic Teachers Front. At the same time, the Union Education Minister was also apprised about the problem of funding of twelve colleges funded by the Delhi Government. Delhi University teachers say that 12 colleges funded by the Delhi government are being given inadequate grants from the Delhi government. Sometimes there is a delay of months in the release of the grant, due to which the teachers are not able to get the salary for several months. At the same time, due to the grant released by the Delhi government, the salaries of teachers and other employees are barely able to be paid. These colleges also have guest teachers, contractual employees. Apart from this, issues related to Physical Education and Librarian, promotion for OMSP Instructor and other academic staff have also been placed before the Union Minister.


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