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Taliban’s new rules prohibit helping and befriending infidel…


digital desk,New Delhi. The prohibitions set out in the Taliban’s vice manual discourage people from helping and befriending infidels.
Taliban officials in Afghanistan’s provinces are using a manual that enforces more stringent rules than the abusive policies announced by their leaders in Kabul. Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a statement that Taliban officials often do not comply with the rights protections that have been set out in the Taliban’s Vice and Virchu Ministry manuals.

Heather Barr, associate women’s rights director at Human Rights Watch, said the Taliban’s world outlook and abusive behavior have been relatively consistent, as this manual demonstrates.

“Countries that have spent the past 20 years promoting human rights in Afghanistan need to negotiate with the Taliban to try to end the deteriorating rights violations against women and girls,” she said.

The manual instructs religious leaders to advise men to grow their beards. There is a provision to inform those who fail to perform prayer or fasting as required by religious obligations. It prohibits parties and outdoor music, movies, gambling, and the inappropriate use of tape cassettes, dish antennas, computers, and mobiles.

The Taliban issued a revised version of the law in 2021, when it was controlling growing areas of the country. The ministry has used it in several provinces since the Taliban captured Kabul on August 15.

HRW said the manual is largely devoted to enforcing rules against vice, but its final chapters set out guidelines for all Afghans and Taliban members, including strict restrictions on the conduct of women and girls.

It instructs religious leaders to teach people which male family members can act as a mahram (a protector) for women and older girls, and states that women face non-mahrams. When doing this, the mouth will have to be covered.

Another provision stated that women would be prohibited from wearing the hijab and veil against non-mahrams in public, but added that these mandates should be implemented in an easy and compassionate manner.

The manual also places outrageous restrictions on personal liberty and other freedoms. It prohibits sex without marriage. The manual also states that everyone should respect women’s rights, including the right not to be coerced into marriage.

HRW said the Taliban had greatly increased the risk of forced marriage, by closing girls’ secondary schools and imposing tough new restrictions on women attending universities.

Research around the world identifies a lack of access to education for girls as one of the major risk factors for child marriage. Another factor with regard to child marriage is poverty. Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s aid-dependent economy has also collapsed, as donors withheld funding for reasons including the Taliban’s closure of girls’ secondary schools.



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