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Scientists of the world in panic, missile cannot be stopped …


Digital Desk, New Delhi.The US military came under tension after China fired a hypersonic nuclear missile from space. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military, said that it would be very difficult to defend America from this missile that dropped a nuclear bomb by orbiting China in space. Miley said what we are seeing. This is a very important event in the testing of this hypersonic weapon system. And it is also very worrying. Is it like a Sputnik occasion? But I think it is very close to that.

Millie said that this missile test is as shocking as the Soviet Union did in 1957 by launching the world’s first satellite Sputnik into space. After this satellite test, the competition between the two superpowers of the world started in space.

Chinese missile cannot be stopped by any means

The US general has said that this is a very important event in terms of technology. Chinese missile changed the laws of physics. We are keeping an eye on all this. Earlier, the US Defense Ministry had refused to confirm this test of China. Earlier it was revealed that China has twice test-fired a super-destructive missile from space. This hypersonic missile of China is capable of dropping nuclear bombs. Not only this, this missile is capable of destroying any air defense system on earth. In this way, the Chinese missile cannot be stopped in any way. Right now even Super Power America does not have this capability.

Experts are terrified of China’s test and believe that a nuclear warhead can be planted in this spacecraft which is capable of sabotaging even missile defense systems. Even government scientists are battling to find out what the capabilities of the Chinese space plane are. A source told the Financial Times that the missile “changed the laws of physics”.

It is being told that China did this new missile test from space on 13 August. According to intelligence reports, in the second test also, China used hypersonic glide vehicle. It was sent to space in July by China on a Long March rocket. This missile circled the earth and then attacked the designated location. China has admitted that it has done a test but it claims that it is a peaceful civilian spacecraft, now China will be able to drop atomic bombs anywhere from space, know how big a threat to India


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