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Non-discriminatory, better understanding of AIDS | Be discriminatory…

Non-discriminatory, better understanding of AIDS |  Be discriminatory...

Digital Desk, Beijing. Non-discriminatory, better understanding of AIDS. In order to raise public awareness of AIDS, the World Health Organization designated 1 December every year as World AIDS Day in 1988, drawing knowledge about AIDS prevention from countries and international organizations around the world. There is a call to organize related activities to spread the word. The Red Ribbon is a global symbol of solidarity with HIV-positive people and the care and support of people living with AIDS. The 34th World AIDS Day is on December 1, 2021. This year’s theme in China is Life First, End AIDS, Health and Equality. The theme is People First, Life First, co-creation, co-governance and sharing, and joining hands to combat the risks and challenges brought on by the pandemic, including AIDS, and achieve the goal of prevention, ending AIDS and the epidemic. Emphasis on striving for AIDS is a serious infectious disease that causes significant damage and has a high mortality rate. The HIV virus destroys the human immune system after entering the human body.

As a disease, AIDS is unique. The reason is not that it is temporarily not fully treated, but it has created challenges on the moral values ​​of human society. China has made great strides in preventing the spread of AIDS, but the widespread social discrimination created by HIV is still a major problem. The consequences that destroy social harmony are far more serious than infectious disease, and discrimination against AIDS will in turn have a serious negative impact on AIDS prevention. Completely curing AIDS may be a while away, but we must oppose discrimination right now, and everyone should participate. China’s AIDS Management Regulations also stipulate that the rights of HIV-positive people and people living with AIDS and their spouses, children to work, go to school, seek medical treatment, and participate in social activities are protected by law. No company, organization or individual can discriminate against them. AIDS will no longer be a social problem unless each of our citizens voluntarily discriminates against, while guaranteeing effective enforcement of the law.


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