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Kamala Harris’s Relationship With Joe Biden In Trouble | Who …


Digital Desk, Washington. Vice President Kamala Harris’ relationship with US President Joe Biden is currently in trouble. Kamala’s employees are outraged that she is being sidelined, while the President’s team is deeply disappointed that Kamala is playing with the American public.

Kamala Harris’s approval rating has fallen even further down than Biden’s in recent months, the Daily Mail reported. Rumor has it that the US President is considering electing a new Vice President and appointing Kamala back door to the Supreme Court.

White House insiders told CNN that Kamala Harris and her top aides are reportedly disappointed with Biden over being handed a no-win issue like the border crisis.

He quoted how the president defended the white man Pete Buttigieg (the Secretary of Transportation).

Biden employees, on the other hand, are reportedly frustrated by self-inflicted brawls with Kamala Harris, such as when NBC’s Lester Holt giggled when asked about going over the border.

They blame its failure on the border crisis for the fall in the electoral figures. A new poll by ABC News/The Washington Post shows Biden with 53 percent disapproval and 41 percent approval, down 11 points from April, the report said.

The White House publicly insists that the relationship between Biden and Kamala remain harmonious.

Kamala Harris’s aides believe she has been handed a portfolio to fail, which is not commensurate with her historical status as the first woman to hold the position of vice president and the first black woman, the report said.

A former high-level aide to Kamala Harris told CNN, they are constantly sending her under the wrong circumstances to settle the border dispute.

Typically, the incumbent vice president is considered an automatic lock for the party’s next open-field presidential primary.

It is unclear for Democrats whether they will return to power in 2024 or whether Biden will run for re-election in 2028 at the age of 80.



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