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Invention of making bricks from straw to reduce air pollutio…

Invention of making bricks from straw to reduce air pollutio...

Digital Desk, New Delhi. In the direction of reducing air pollution in Delhi-NCR, the students of Haryana Central University have come up with a new invention. Under this invention, the students have made bricks from the stubble of the fields. The special thing is that engineering students have made such bricks using farm stubble which is very strong, light and economical. At present, the process of testing this stubble brick is going on. It is worth noting that in many states including Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, the leftover stubble after harvesting is burnt. Due to stubble burning, air pollution reaches alarming levels in and around Delhi.

However, now the invention of making bricks out of stubble by the students of Central University of Haryana can make good use of stubble. This will significantly reduce air pollution, as well as increase the income of farmers. Apart from this, new factories and employment for making bricks from stubble will also be developed in rural areas. In view of the problem of pollution due to stubble, the students of Central University of Haryana (HKV), Mahendragarh have designed a brick which is made from a mixture of agricultural waste and industrial waste.

This brick, prepared under the guidance of Dr. Vikas Garg, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Engineering and Technology of the University, is being seen as a useful solution to the stubble crisis. Appreciating this effort of the students, Vice Chancellor Professor Tankeshwar Kumar said that after seeing the practical aspects of this new discovery, it can definitely be used. He described this effort of engineering students at the university level as showing sensitivity towards public concern.

Dr. Vikas Garg, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University told that B.Tech. Ramesh Bishnoi, Shailesh Sihag and Akshay Kumar, final year students in civil engineering, have developed a brick which is very strong turmeric and economical in view of the problem of environmental damage due to agricultural and industrial waste under their project work. . He said that the problem of pollution caused by stubble burning becomes a challenge for Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi every year and its solution is very important. Dr. Vikas Garg said that the product prepared by the students can prove to be a useful tool in this direction. He said that the process of necessary testing related to the commercial use of brick made by the students is going on and after its completion, efforts will be made for its practical use.


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