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India got invitation in democracy dialogue, China kept away …

India got invitation in democracy dialogue, China kept away ...

Digital Desk, New Delhi. A virtual summit is being organized by the US on December 9 and 10 for a dialogue on democracy. This is a move whose main objective is to show solidarity with the regional partner. Three major themes can be mentioned in this dialogue. Which includes avoiding authoritarianism, fighting against corruption, increasing human rights.

US President Joe Biden has invited 110 countries of the world to participate in it, but the special thing is that America has not invited many big countries like China and Russia in this dialogue program. This would include only Israel and Iraq from the countries of the Middle East. However, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were not invited to any of America’s traditional Arab allies.

India has been invited from America to participate in this virtual democracy dialogue summit. At the same time, Joe Biden has also sent an invitation to Pakistan and Iraq. On the other hand, Taiwan, which has caused tension between China and America, has also got a place in the list.

The US has not invited its main rival i.e. China to this meeting, while Taiwan will be involved in the meeting. This move by the US administration risks angering Beijing. At the same time, apart from China, Turkey was not invited even though it is a member of NATO like America. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka from South Asia have also been kept out of the list.

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