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Green eyed Afghan girl gets freedom from camera captivity | ,

Green eyed Afghan girl gets freedom from camera captivity

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Green eyed Afghan girl gets freedom from camera captivity Today we are going to tell you such a picture of the world which starts from a drawn picture and creates a blueprint for torture, arrest and help. The picture is such that it touches three countries. This picture captured in the camera actually crosses the boundaries of three countries.

About forty years ago today, in 1984, an American war photographer Steve Macquarie clicked Sharbat Gulla, an Afghan refugee girl, in the camera. At that time this picture found a place on the cover of National Geography and went viral. This picture made a lot of headlines as a symbol of the Afghan war going on for years.

Now again the girl imprisoned in the picture started making headlines when the Italian government informed about the sherbet that the famous Afghan girl with green eyes has reached Italy after the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan. According to reports, Macquarie reunited with Sharbat in 2002 after 18 years. While in 2016 Sharbat was trying to stay in Pakistan. But he was arrested for getting a fake identity card made.

After this, the then Afghan President Ashraf Ghani called Sharbat back to his country Afghanistan and gave him a grand welcome as far as the Ghani government promised him an apartment. The then President Ashraf Ghani had said that Sharbat could live in Afghanistan with dignity and safety. But once again in August 2021, Afghanistan was occupied by the Taliban, due to which the lives of women there once again started getting worse. Due to the denial of rights to women, Sharbat decided to go to Italy.

According to the information, the Italian government told that after the Taliban occupation of Kabul, Afghanistan in August 2021, Sharbat asked for help to leave Afghanistan and the Italian government helped him. The government said that we will try to make the life of Sharbat easier.


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