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Forcibly missing cases are not being settled, the families o…

Forcibly missing cases are not being settled, the families o...


Digital Desk, Islamabad. Citizens of Pakistan, whose relatives or relatives have been forcibly disappeared or disappeared by the security forces, are demanding the government to provide information about them. This information was given in the report of Radio Mashal. Dozens of people attended a rally in Islamabad on Friday. During this time people were holding placards in which they wrote the names of their loved ones, photos and the date on which their loved ones disappeared or went missing.

Human rights activists say more than 8,000 people have been abducted by Pakistan’s security agencies over the past two decades during operations against alleged terrorists, leaving hundreds of families unaware of their whereabouts, the report said. People do not even know whether their loved ones are still alive or not. Activists are also complaining that those responsible for the forced disappearances are not being held accountable.

Pakistani officials refuted the allegations, saying that many of the missing were either killed in operations against Islamist militants or went to Afghanistan to hide. On 8 November, Pakistan’s lower house of parliament passed a bill outlawing forced disappearances. But the amendment also provides for up to five years in prison and a fine of up to 100,000 rupees ($563) if found guilty of filing a complaint with falsified information. The bill, which has been criticized by human rights defenders, needs to be approved by the Senate and signed by the president to become law.

Relatives of victims of forced disappearances are already reluctant to report cases or exchange information with government officials for fear of retaliation or lack of trust, a group of UN experts said in a statement. “If (the bill) is passed, this law will undoubtedly lead to under-reporting of crime and lead to impunity for criminals,” he said. Families of missing people in Pakistan recently reported that their efforts to force the authorities to bring their loved ones back through the courts have been unsuccessful.

This was claimed in a report by Amnesty International last month. The report said that although the cases have been registered as far back as the mid-1980s, the practice has been regularly used by Pakistan’s intelligence services since the inception of the so-called War on Terror in 2001, with human rights defenders, political activists etc. , students and journalists, the fate of hundreds of victims is still unknown. According to the report, Ali Imtiaz said that when summoned by the court, none of the intelligence agencies or officials appeared in court. Not done.

In such cases, even when the officers appeared before the court, they did not answer their questions to the families. Sammy Baloch told that when the officers appeared before the court, he claimed that his father had gone to Afghanistan to train as a separatist, but he could not show any evidence to substantiate these claims. Unfortunately, these allegations and baseless claims are not limited to officials: Amnesty International spoke to two people who are facing such baseless claims and allegations from judges hearing their cases. One person said that the judge suggested that her husband had run away and that he had not disappeared.


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