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China opposes G-7’s actions to harm China | G7’s no to China…

China opposes G-7's

digital desk, Beijing. The issue related to China was mentioned in the Presidential Country Statement of the G-7 Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this discussion, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Onepin said in a regular press conference held in Beijing that China’s position on Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan and South China Sea related issues has always been more clear.

China opposes any action taken by the G-7 to interfere in China’s internal affairs, malign China’s image and harm Chinese interests.

Wang said that the US and UK have about 5 percent of the world population, which are the most developed and advanced countries, but the number of people infected and killed by Kovid-19 in these two countries is about 23 percent and 18 percent of the world. Arrived.

China calls upon countries like America and Britain etc. to protect the right to life and health of the people of their country, they should not just discuss the so-called democracy and human rights in the international community.

In the discussion of the video talks between China-Russia leaders, Wang Onepin said that this dialogue will strongly advance the China-Russia strategic partnership and all-round cooperation.

During this, both the leaders will summarize the achievements of bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields this year. They will also create an environment for the development of bilateral relations for the next year and discuss important international and regional questions of common interest.

(Credits—China Media Group, Beijing)



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