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Blast in Karachi, Bomb Disposal Squad reached the spot, 12 p…

Corona cases increaseBlast in Karachi, Bomb Disposal Squad reached the spot, 12 p...d to 27.36 crores worldwide

Digital Desk, New Delhi. A massive blast has occurred in Pakistan’s Karachi city, in which about 12 people have died and many are injured. The administration has called the Bomb Disposal Squad to the spot, so that any further blast can be prevented. The blast took place in a drain under a private bank, due to which the entire building was destroyed and a petrol pump also suffered a lot.

At present, the administration is running the rescue operation. According to the local police, a notice was given for cleaning the drain. But, that premises did not become vacant and the cleaning got delayed. In this blast, along with the bank building, the petrol pump has also suffered a lot.

10 killed in sudden blast in Pakistan |  NewsTrack English 1

statement on blast
After the blast, the Bomb Disposal Squad also reached the spot. At the same time, a bomb disposal squad was also called to search the entire place. As of now, the reason has not been revealed in any way. The exact reason would be revealed only after the report of the Bomb Disposal Squad.

Many feared trapped
The explosion was so strong that the building completely collapsed and only debris was visible on the ground. In the video, you will only be able to see the broken vehicle and the debris of the fallen building. However, local people are also helping in clearing the debris. It is being told that many people may be trapped in this debris.


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