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Best Treatment For Depression With Anxiety

Best Treatment For Depression With Anxiety

Best Treatment For Depression With Anxiety – Everyone struggles with stress or tension. This is a disease related to our brain. Tension arises due to imbalance and lack of harmony between our state of mind and external state. Many mental disorders arise in a person due to stress. He is always restless and unstable. Stress is like a conflict that creates instability in the mind and emotions of the individual. A person suffering from stress is never able to concentrate on any work, which has a negative effect on his efficiency. A little stress in the normal routine is nothing to worry about because so much stress is necessary for normal personality development but if it becomes a part of our emotional and physical life then it can prove to be dangerous.

What is Depression With Anxiety?

Having a little stress is a part of our life. It is also sometimes beneficial, for example, to do some work, we feel a little pressure on ourselves so that we are able to do our work well and remain enthusiastic while working. But when this stress becomes excessive and uncontrolled, it has a negative effect on our brain and body and when it turns into depression, the person does not know.

Depression happens to a person who is always under stress. Often a person who is afraid of something or a situation over which he has no control starts feeling stressed, due to which pressure starts building on him. If a person stays in these situations for a long time, he gradually becomes accustomed to the stressful lifestyle, if he does not get the stressful situation then he starts feeling more stressed. This is the initial stage of depression.

Why does depression happen?

There are many causes of depression, which need to be known in detail. Let us discuss it-

Any major change in life like an accident, any major change or conflict in life, loss of a family member or loved one, financial problem, or any such serious change.

Due to changes in hormones like menopause, childbirth, thyroid problems, etc.

Sometimes depression also occurs due to change in weather. Many people feel lethargic, tired, and disinterested in their daily activities in winter when the days are short or there is no sunshine. But after the end of winter, this situation gets better.

Our brain contains neurotransmitters that affect feelings of pleasure and pleasure, especially serotonin, dopamine, or norepinephrine, but these can be imbalanced in the case of depression. Their imbalance can lead to depression in a person, but why they get out of balance is not yet known.

In some cases, the cause of depression can also be genetic. If there is already a problem in the family, it is more likely to be passed on to the next generation, but which gene is involved is not yet known.

Side effects of depression

Depression is a mental health disorder that is not a problem of a few days but a long illness. According to the World Health Organization, depression is the most common illness worldwide. About 350 million people in the world are affected by depression. Another problem like depression comes into our life. Our mood swings are called mood swings but it is different from depression. Everyone experiences mood swings in their normal life.

It is seen less in some people and a little more in some but it does not fall under the category of depression. In our daily lives, our temporary emotional reactions are covered under mood swings, but these temporary emotional reactions, or when a person’s sadness persists for a long time, can turn into depression. Depression can cause problems like weight gain in a person, thyroid-related problems occur in a person due to an imbalance in thyroid hormones. Long-lasting depression is a serious problem.

People suffering from depression are gradually cut off from society and thoughts like suicide start coming into their minds. Due to depression, a person can also be surrounded by serious diseases, because in depression there is a serious hormonal imbalance in the body of the person, due to which he feels more or less hungry, shows interest in different types of unhealthy foods, these symptoms appear. . give. The digestive system of the person also deteriorates, he also has to face problems like constipation.

Apart from this, weight gain is a common problem in patients with depression. Psychotic depression is the most serious illness associated with depression. It is a type of psychosis associated with a severe type of depression known as psychotic depression. It is found very rarely in people and in severe stages of depression. In mental depression, people themselves hear such voices that they are of no use or fail.

The patient feels as if he can hear his thoughts. He is always hearing negative thoughts about himself and that person starts behaving like that, he gets distracted very quickly and spends a lot of time even doing simple things. He constantly hears and sees things that are not really there. These patients are more prone to commit suicide.

Symptoms of depression

As everyone knows that people are always in depression, apart from this there are other symptoms-

  • A person suffering from depression is always depressed.
  • The person always feels confused and defeated.
  • A person suffering from depression lacks self-confidence.
  • Difficulty concentrating on any task.
  • The patient of depression tries to isolate himself from family and crowded places.
  • He mostly likes to be alone.
  • The man remains unhappy in the atmosphere of happiness or even in things that give pleasure.
  • The patient of depression is always irritable and talks very little.
  • Patients with depression always look restless from the inside and are always immersed in anxiety.
  • They find themselves unable to take any decision and are always in a state of confusion.
  • The patient with depression is more attached to unhealthy food.
  • Patients with depression get frustrated very quickly when they face any problem.
  • The problem of excessive anger is also seen in some patients with depression.
  • Being surrounded by the fear of something untoward happening all the time.

Prevention Tips for Depression

Some changes in lifestyle and diet are needed to avoid the effects of depression.


  • The patient with depression should drink plenty of water and should consume more such fruits and vegetables which have more water content.
  • One should eat nutrient-rich food that contains all the vitamins and minerals required by the body.
  • Eat more green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits.
  • Be sure to consume beetroot, it contains nutrients like vitamins, folate, uridine, and magnesium in proper amounts. They act as neurotransmitters in our brain which work to change the mood of the patient of depression.
  • Use olive oil in your meals. It contains a fair amount of antioxidants and monosaturated fatty acids, which prove to be helpful in relieving heart disease and depression.
  • Patients with depression have a tendency to eat unhealthy food and overeating. Therefore, the patient with depression should stay away from junk food and stale food as much as possible. Instead, eat nutritious and sattvic food prepared at home.
  • Eat tomatoes in your food and in the form of salad. Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene, which helps fight depression. According to research, people who eat tomatoes 4-6 times a week are less prone to depression than normal.
  • Quit the consumption of junk food completely.
  • Consuming more sugar and more salt.
  • Non-vegetarian and stale food.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, or any kind of intoxicating substance should be completely given up.
  • Excessive consumption of caffeinated substances like tea, coffee.


  • The patient suffering from depression should also adopt a good lifestyle with proper eating habits such as spending more time with his family and friends. You should speak your mind to a special friend.
  • To get out of depression, a person should give a place to exercise, do yoga, and do meditation in his daily routine. It calms the mind of the patient of depression and corrects the hormonal imbalance in them.
  • Wake up in the morning and go for a walk, after that do yoga and pranayama.
  • The patient with depression should do meditation or meditation. Often a depressed person finds himself unable to concentrate but in the beginning, he should try to meditate only for a short time.
  • If a person has depression due to some accident or any particular reason, then he should be kept away from such reasons and place.
  • The patient with depression should go to natural and calm places, as well as read books with melodious music and positive thoughts.
  • One should keep himself active in social activities and avoid the habit of being alone.
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