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Best Casio G-Shock Watches USA (2021 Buyer’s Guide)

In this article, we’re going to look at the Best Casio G-Shock Watches For Men’s available in the market today. We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description box below. So, here are the top 5 best Casio G-Shock Watches For Men.

The fifth product on our list is the G-ShockAWGM100 Digital watches are a brilliant invention that offers watch seekers the option to move away from the typical watch with analog hand movement. However, not everyone is thrilled by the idea of digital, and some simply enjoy the combination of both analog and digital in a single unit. The number of people belonging to this group nowadays is large enough that it even attracted the attention of Casio.

1. G-ShockG-Steel Shock Rangeman

If you want to stay up to date on the best products in the market. Finally, our best Casio G-Shock Watches is then-Shock Rangeman. If you’re looking for the most rugged G-Shock watch with every bell and whistle possible, the Rangerman is your best bet. As Casio’s top-of-the-line “survival watch,” it’s been built for performance in a variety of extreme conditions. The Rangeman is a pretty imposing purpose-driven presence on your wrist, but it’s surprisingly comfortable. It’s probably the best tactical watch ever made and the most popular model in Casio’s premium Master of G series.


Besides the Triple Sensor, the GW-9400 Rangemanalso comes with all the other goodies that you’d expect from a premium G-Shock: a Solar battery. Multi-band 6 atomic time syncing, a bright, hands-free backlight, and 5 alarm options. For avid mountaineers, there’s an altimeter’s utility for general reference. You can zero this function at the beginning of a hike and use it to monitor your change in altitude in relative terms which can be very useful. You can even set the barometric alarm to warn you of any imminent lousy weather. Moreover, the sunrise/sunset time function benefits those who enjoy lots of different outdoor activities. The Rangeman will give you those times for the current day, but you can also advance the calendar and see the times in the future. Additionally, the compass will be accurate for anything if appropriately calibrated. For navigation, it makes an excellent backup for your main compass.

Along with the extra-rugged, mud-resistant construction, many will like that the current time is displayed while using the stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, or world time functions. What’s more, because of its solar battery and radio time sync features, the Rangeman doesn’t need any maintenance. The battery charges itself, and the time calibrates every day at Midnight via a radio signal. Finally, this apocalypse-proof watch is just as suited to a stroll in the park as it is a hike up a mountain; it is sure to provide everything you could need from a watch.

Its pros are:
It can withstand any environmental condition.
Provides a huge range of functions.
It requires very little maintenance.
Its robust, nonsense styling will suit any outdoorsman.
Its illuminating function only lasts for a couple of seconds which can be annoying when flipping between options in the dark.
It’s recommended for anybody looking for ago anywhere and do anything’ timepiece.

2. Popular G-ShockG-Steel

The second product on our list is the G-ShockG-Steel. This unit from the G-STEEL line tends to fly slightly under the radar compared to some of the more famous products in Casio’s catalog. Yet this is a watch well worth considering, especially if you want something that will last for many years to come. You can embrace a new layer of toughness with this men’s Casio G-Shock G-Steel watch. It’s designed to effortlessly withstand bumps, bangs, drops, and pretty much anything else short of being run over by a tank. Yet, although it’s tough, the steel casing is not what makes this unit so shock-resistant.

It’s The Carbon Core Guard, a carbon-fiber-reinforced resin mid-case that is an ideal material for dissipating all kinds of heavy knocks. It’s lightweight, shock-resistant, rigid, and easily resists any kind of degradation. When you top all that off with its modified plate that holds the circuit board along with the shock-resistant buttons, you get an extremely durable mid-case that looks great and can withstand anything your adventures throw at it. Yet, it is worth noting that this watch is not a one-trick pony. Despite toughness being central to this brand identity, G-Shock Steel brings its fair share of functionality. This includes Solar charging, Bluetooth connectivity, Neobrite hands, a double LED light, world time, 1/1000 stopwatch, a countdown timer, and an auto-calendar. The Bluetooth connectivity is a nice touch, and it comes in useful when trying to set the World Time function correctly.

There are about 300 cities you can choose from, not including those already preloaded, so it’s much easier to select through Bluetooththan fiddling around with the watch buttons. This is a genuine tool that’s eminently functional and nearly indestructible. Lastly, the hour markers on the outer dial are a great highlight; they pop with reflected light as you move your wrist and add some unexpected elegance to this beefy unit.

Its pros are:
It is immensely tough.
It has a good range of features including Bluetooth connectivity.
It’s surprisingly stylish for such a large unit.
Its lack of backlighting can be an issue for those with poor eyesight.
G-Shock G-Steel is a classy-looking and insanely durable product that is ideal for anybody wanting a functional accessory.

3. G-Shock GM5600

The third product on our list is the G-ShockGM5600. Fans of Casio’s shock-resistant line will know the story of where it all began for this company; when the future founder of the G-ShockKikuo Item, accidentally dropped his father’s wristwatch on the floor and broke it. The idea to make a watch that was capable of taking blows and falls from a height without damage was born. This unit draws inspiration directly from the prototype after that fateful day, and its unique looks stand out amongst other more modern-looking Casio’s on the market.

The most exciting thing about this GM-5600is, of course, is the steel overlay on the case. This metal frame is made of very high-quality steel and provides a level of heft and strength you don’t find in many watches, even other shocks. Don’t be fooled by this product’s look back at the past, though; it’s still constructed with the newest impact-resistant polyurethane components to ensure no matter what activity you attempt, it will withstand it. Featuring excellent shock resistance, a 550-foot waterproof rating, multi-function alarms, and an automatic calendar, this watch is skillfully engineered with all the most useful and practical functions. Additionally, this watch boasts an EL backlight with afterglow for easy reading in the dark, and it fits comfortably and securely thanks to its detachable resin strap.

The electroluminescent backlight is easy on the eyes, and every detail of the dial is visible and distinguishable in the dark. The GM-5600 does not have either new-fangledBluetooth or solar power with radio synchronization, but you should not rely on expensive functionality in the budget price part of the market anyway. The battery in the watch is designed for 2years of operation; this is generally the minimum indicator for Casio and is one of the reasons they are so well-loved. Lastly, this product pays tribute to the past by providing a steel alternative to the original G-Shock; it’s functional and will look great on the wrist of office workers and outdoor adventurers alike.

Its pros are:
It has a unique retro look.
It’s constructed from high-quality materials.
It provides a range of excellent features.
It has no atomic clock feature, so it won’t be as accurate as other watches.
The G-Shock GM5600 is a brilliant throwback to a classic design; it’s great at what it does and stands out in the crowd.

4. G-Shock Resist

Up next in fourth place is the G-Shock ResistThis unit is one of the best-selling analog G-Shock models, primarily because of its minimalist, industrial design, large case, and affordable price. An airplane’s instrument panel inspires the model’s design with its high-contrast hands and the tough anti-magnetic case construction giving it a rugged no-nonsense look. This product is also part of Casio’s oversized military-based series. The watch’s case measures a pretty massive51 millimeters, yet the watch remains light and comfortable.

However, it will still have a significant presence on your wrist, so you certainly won’t forget you have it. While this unit is large, it’s not as insanely oversized as some of the Master of G watches out there, so it will still blend in with your casual attire without looking out of place. The watch features a range of technology, including World Time for 48 cities, a dual analog-digital time display, 5 adjustable alarms, a stopwatch, a timer, and even a pretty helpful calendar. On top of all that, this product comes with a MACH calculator. It is a rather nice little tool for pilots that allows them to calculate the speed of sound at a given temperature.

It is a bit of a novelty for the general person because, let’s be realistic, even if you work as a pilot, it is unlikely that you’ll be using your G-Shock to calculate anything. This means that the Mach feature is more of an icing on a cake kind of deal rather than a serious feature that you’d expect to use, but it’s still cool nonetheless. Interestingly, since this unit doesn’t have a solar battery, it is more affordable than the more advanced G-Shocks on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less good. G-Shock Resist is the perfect watch for gifts and first-time G-Shock buyers. It’s hard to go wrong with this bad boy, especially if you’re looking for a larger and formidable-looking wrist presence. Lastly, it has dozens of different colors and limited editions available, so you have plenty to choose from to suit your style.

Its pros are:
It has a military-used design that looks great.
It’s got a range of interesting features.
It has many unique options available.
Its battery won’t last as long as higher-end Casio’s.
The G-Shock Resist is a great-looking, well-made unit perfect for those who just want a functional watch for daily life.

5. Premium looking G-Shock AWGM100

The G-Shock AWGM100 has been designed to cater to the taste and demand of this market segment for rugged watches. First off, this product is equipped with Casio’smuch-touted atomic timekeeping.his simply means that your watch possesses a self-adjusting capability. This function is not limited to small tick synchronization but also encompasses daylight saving time, so you’ll always be accurate.

Essentially, this means that after you’ve bought the watch, you can ensure your timekeeping is precise. You can even forget about adjusting your watch to take into account the daylight saving time as the atomic timekeeping feature does all this job for you. When it comes to style, this product has a slick black and blue aesthetic that you really can’t go wrong with. Furthermore, the 46.5-millimeter stainless steel case has a mineral dial window that looks great whether you are out on the trails or strolling through town. The Quartz movement with analog and digital displays means no matter your preferred way of timekeeping; this watch is useful to you. What’s more, with approximately 6 months on a full charge of battery life even without further exposure to light, this unit will last you through any camping trip.

Additionally, the shock-resistant construction helps protect it against all sorts of impact and vibration. This means you can wear your G-SHOCK in all situations, from working with water in daily life and taking a shower to participate in water activities such as swimming, surfing, or jet skiing. Lastly, you can see the watch face in any environment without light, thanks to the convenient backlight.

Its pros are:
It has a dual timekeeping operation.
It brings an understated look to your wardrobe.
Its construction is immensely rugged.
Its digital display is small and can be difficult to read under direct sunlight.
The G-Shock AWGM100 is a well-designed product that provides all the basic features

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